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O Unhappy Day!

The Mighty Furd is the cleanest it's been in years, and it's staying clean! There's a reason for that...

The Mighty Furd is the cleanest it’s been in years, and it’s staying clean! There’s a reason for that…

Well, the touring entertainment value of Strolling Amok has not been too good lately, unless of course you find entertainment value in mishaps. I did recently interview a camper with a surprisingly unique converted van setup, and I’ll post that soon. But on the whole, much of my time and attention has been absorbed by an assortment of mechanical conundrums, of which the Mighty Furd has played a significant part. Its role is not central, but is the most notable because of the spectacular expenses involved in servicing a modern vehicle. Modern cars need very little in the way of service when compared to earlier ones, but when they do, the costs of all that complexity frequently cause owner trauma when the invoice comes due.

Manufactured and purchased in the first half of 2007, the 2008 model year F-250 has begun showing its age, (unlike myself). This year’s saga began with a regular servicing last summer in Illinois, which included a coolant change. I had read that the scheduled coolant duration may be too optimistic in practice, which could lead to a kind of ripple effect in related (and expensive) components. It has to do with the effects of

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More Opportunities Than Problems

I awoke one morning to find the sunlight in a frying pan to be my bugle to begin the day.

I awoke one morning to find the sunlight in a frying pan to be my bugle to begin the day.

A bright glare wakened me one morning, which was a trick, since the head of my enclosed bunk usually faces east and remains a dark cave as long as the window shade is down. The golden glow was from a stainless steel frying pan reflecting the sun’s light. Naturally, when I decided to take a picture, the result was more mundane. Guess you had to be there.

I’m just waiting for purchased items to arrive via UPS before I head to Yuma, and I’ve found once again this year that anything arriving via Quartzsite’s post office, like UPS Smartpost, FedEx Surepost, or Priority Mail stand a fair chance of being bounced and sent back for no particular reason. So you have to know how items will be shipped out, and “Free Shipping!” is always at risk.

It’s been a bit nippy here lately and promises to remain so for awhile, with daily highs in the low 60s and lows around 40 degrees. I prefer that to baking in heat, but it does delay venturing outside. As I write this paragraph, it’s 8AM and 44 degrees outside, something that many of you would relish, but here, that’s low enough to delay getting outside to accidentally break something while trying to Read more…

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