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Intrepid Bedding

The final configuration.

The final configuration. No, that black cord doesn’t stay there – it’s used when lowering the top and pulls the canvas sides inward.

Among the things that I cannot leave well enough alone in the Four Wheel Grandby is bedding. New for last year’s 2015 model was a slightly softer mattress foam, 3″ thick. This works well for many, and once the support platform is pulled out to increase available width, the three assembled foam sections match a queen-size bed. Four Wheel encloses them in zippered cloth cases, with a heavy vinyl underside on the main mattress in order to avoid any chance of the wooden pull-out platform’s forward edge doing any damage to it when it’s shoved to the front for daytime use.

On the boring side, I’ve got some spine anomalies going on. Too many rave parties, I’m sure. A fairly taut hammock would be the perfect approach about now, but that’s not going to happen here, so I’ve found that I need a mattress with some sag. In fact, about the time most folks would roll slowly out of a bed groaning with pain saying, “Ughh, this mattress is shot!”, that would be the signal that it might be ready for me before too long. Just knock a slat or two out of the center of the bed frame, and it’s usable.

So bedding is just that simple – except for me, of course. What fun is it unless you can make it needlessly complex? In this case, what Four Wheel calls the “push bar” in front lays across the bed when the roof is down, and it’s hinged to the front lift panels, an articulated pair of composite rectangles that position and keep the roof exactly where its needs to be at any given time. The hinge for the lift panels is about 7″ above the bed platform, and with Read more…

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