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Life is Hard Dept.

Hanna Campground in the Black Hills National Forest.

[I’ve found that I can get a marginal cell signal at points during the day, so after enough unsuccessful tries, I was able to assemble and publish this.]

Can life be hard? It most surely can. But this is certainly not one of those times. Open only from Memorial Day through one week after Labor Day (for RVs, anyway), Hanna Campground is run by a concessionaire for the Forest Service. Normally $18/night to stay plus $2 for each yapping mutt on board, an America the Beautiful Pass chops this rate down to a base of $9/night. I can hack that for a week. A very tenuous cellular signal is the only reason I can think of why Hanna Campground is cheaper than the others in the general area. It’s very highly rated, and there’s a reason for that. I’ll let you figure that out from Read more…

Scouting for Campsites

After overnighting at the Cabela’s store in Rapid City, South Dakota and listening to the subtle strains of reggae music blasting across the way from a gathering at a nearby parking lot all evening, I set off to visit the South Dakota Air & Space Museum the following morning. After that, I had all afternoon to locate a campsite suitable for a week’s stay.

Truth to tell, I was somewhat intimidated. The Black Hills National Forest is huge, being comprised of four districts. With another heat wave rolling in, my task was to find a workable site at somewhere above 5,000’ elevation. I made my way to the Mystic District Ranger Station for any advice they might have on what areas are highest. They were nice, gave me two MVUM’s and a sheet with a list of rules (like how far to stay from developed areas and water sources, and the maximum distance from roads), but they had no advice about where elevations were generally higher. After I downloaded those MVUMs onto my old iPad to help me know where on the map I was at any given time, and headed in, I soon found out why the lack of Read more…

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