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Hmmm, think some tire dressing would help?

Hmmm, think some tire dressing would help? Note the rubber marks on the body and the broken-off piece of fender.

Well, the inevitable happened. I was going to post about what I saw at the Overland expo next and ignore the return trip, but here you go. Travelling up I-25 north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, I stopped at a rest area to hit the potty and check the Defiant’s wheel bearing and tire temperatures. Everything was stellar. Not ten miles farther on, I felt some weirdly bumpy pavement and while I was wondering what the deal was, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that the trailer was no longer level side to side. Glancing out the right side mirror, bits of tire debris were spewing out of the Read more…

A Compilation of Amazing

My fav bud Matt posted the following video on his Facebook page, and I was so delighted with it as entertainment that of course I decided to steal it. Well, I’m not going to embed anything from Facebook’s “one ring to rule them all” content, so I tracked it down to its YouTube origins. It is named “People are Awesome 2013” and is a compilation of many shorter videos into one cohesive whole. Very nicely done. It not only shows the power of good camera work, music selection and editing, but what it is possible to accomplish physically, if you are determined enough – and have plenty of health insurance. It’s also a reminder to me that it’s easy to forget that there’s a big world outside of our self-obsessed worldview. Run time: 3:43.


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