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Leaving is Such Sweet Sorrow

Whoa! This is a view of Prescott Valley, I think. This is from a hiking trail 101, where vehicle trail 1006E ends.

Yep, after 10 overnights, food choices are getting pretty limited and the water tank may run out any time now. And a cold spell is moving back in for several days, making high-elevation camping an exercise in choices. Not to mention rain in the forecast, which makes new campsite choices and accessibility a temporary issue. With a heavy camper, you want to be planted and stay planted until things dry back out. That’s especially true here at Woodchute, but affects most other trails as well. By Friday, heat will return and it will be time to resupply once more before continuing northeast to a longer stay at higher elevations. It won’t be all that long before the Overland Expo West!

Below is a mere 8-second video I captured with my iPhone after I realized that a single photo, even panoramic, wasn’t going to convey what I was seeing. This doesn’t either of course, but it’s better at that than the photo at the start of this post…sort of.

An update on the Hollywood carrier is that I’ve ordered a new anti-rattle assembly, consisting of a new handle and a threaded shaft. I initially couldn’t find what would fit on Holllywood’s website, but an email to their customer service people quickly got me a link to just what I needed, and for cheap. The existing handle is indeed strong, and straightening it out with my big hammer is bending the long-suffering shaft it’s attached to. Once it became apparent that further progress would not end well, I stopped and ordered replacements which are already in town now. My plan is to do the repair job when the time and place seem right, the method being to finish the brutality with the hammer, and then attempt to unscrew the handle a few turns, enough to expose the shaft to a hacksaw blade. For all I know, forcing an unscrewing on a ruined shaft may snap the shaft without even needing a hacksaw. Once the shaft has been cut, the mechanism is dead and the rack can be removed and repaired with the new parts.

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2 thoughts on “Leaving is Such Sweet Sorrow

  1. Linda Sand on said:

    Break it to fix it. Not usually done on purpose.

    • Kinda like the eggs and omelet thing, except not delicious? Technically, I already broke it, so now I’m going to try to break it some more, in a way that lets me fix it. The new part I received is not a dead match, so I’m hoping that it represents an update. Oh, please be an update…

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