Strolling Amok

Pops goes on tour.

Walkabout – Joe Skeen Campground

Looking from my campsite down to the bottom of the loop shows a sizable loop!

I thought I’d take my camera along as I waltzed down to the campground entrance and back. I walked a bit along the highway too, but it’s not really conducive to that. It’s a quarter mile to the south end of the loop, and another quarter mile to the entrance.

I was surprised to see a teardrop trailer from Adventure Trailer, which is also my Four Wheel dealer in Arizona. They apparently started out with them, but then moved on to pure off-road utility/camping trailers. Now teardrops are back, and this one looks able to be dragged just about anywhere. Handy tip: it is burdened neither by a beam axle nor a self-disassembling torsion axle. Surprisingly pricey compared to the usual teardrop, they are absolutely uncompromising in design and capabilities, and when fully optioned can offer nearly everything my Four Wheel Camper can, and for less money. If you’re not into pop-ups, and enjoy spending your days outside and your nights inside, here it is.

Nearly down to the entrance, this view shows the raised surface that the campground is on.

One website states, “Drivers of vehicles with low clearance or over 30 feet should check the dip at the entrance to insure clearance.” It’s not bad at all, though I seriously doubt that my lo-&-slo Defiant TT could clear it. That drags on gas station aprons.

New Mexico.

Immediately south of camp is Indian Reservation land, and this is on it.

Reentering camp, staying right will put you near this rise.

Back in camp, all I need to do is look west, take a few steps…

…and presto, I’m at an overlook. I like to place my lawn chair here.

Swinging the lens right makes this look like three big steps and a bush, but that third step…it’s a lulu.

Looking left shows kinda the same type of thing.

Re-aiming back toward camp shows this. It’s a good thing not to lose one’s balance around here.


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