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Pops goes on tour.

Rochelle, Illinois

My GPS led me through a web of country roads to get here, and I have to say, the farther south and west you go in Illinois, the more the dense forests and hilly terrain make the trip appealing. Somewhere along the way were jillions of local cars and pickups jammed beside the road for a late afternoon food fight of some kind in town, and the north end of the same town offered a Civil War reenactment this weekend. And we suburbanites think meeting at a sports bar and grille is hot stuff. Whoop-de-do.

Not sure how long I’ll be here: the showers and laundry at this Petro truck stop have a certain appeal. It might be exciting when the time comes to head for the Chain-O-Lakes State Park, since unlike last year at this time, not very many sites remain unreserved, and the unreserved sites always tend to be a challenge to use – which is why they remain open. I’m winging it this year, but who wants to camp on a pronounced slope where even 4WD won’t get you out if it rains? Adventure!

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5 thoughts on “Rochelle, Illinois

  1. I’ve been to a couple of Civil war renactments, one of them in Illinois & the whole family enjoyed them.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Dennis Szczesniak on said:

    Douglas…..let me know if you’ll have time to get together!


  3. Adventure? Lol! Be careful what you say!

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