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Clod on a Hot Tin Roof

Well, the sweat continues as preparation for departure approaches. Hopefully, today is the last day of the brutal stuff. Due to the unusual heat (94-98 degrees ever since my last post) not much has been accomplished. The heat also affected my route planning, since I had to start over twice as the situation changed…or didn’t. Now, it’s just plain late departure, which also dictates elevation changes. The Pima Air Museum is out now, and a more or less straight trip to trusty old Wickenburg and beyond is in. The rest will be common to many, but new to me. But that’s not the Big News!

Oh…oh my. Take care, for what is seen, cannot be unseen. Gamera vs Guiron, 1969.

Yup, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is now on Netflix streaming!! Please note that I did not preface this with “…Good News”, as I’m not sure which it is even now. See, under some preposterous premise, an employee and his two wisecracking robotic creations are forced to watch what is unarguably the worst 1950s-1960s drive-in fodder ever put to film. Now, no one in their right mind would watch the first minute of any of these select B-movies, but the trick is that the hapless trio often inserts their own dialog over the movie’s soundtrack for us. Toward the conclusion of an exasperating and awful 1960 movie last night, some of the main characters were happily approaching camera on a California beach when the lead one was dubbed over to say, “Be careful where ya step up here, there’s a lotta loose ends blowing around!” Watching this series is both punishing as well as great humor. The humor acts as at least a partial antidote to the drek it covers over and, if nothing else, will leave you muttering to yourself, “How the hell did they ever get funding for this?”

The secondary announcement is that things are slowly falling into place. The world now looks more “right” from where I sit.

GPS, check. Tire pressure monitor, check. Pipe stand, check. Hula doll, check!

See, in my book, you can dude up all you want with solar, big off-road tires, fancy living quarters, Bullet food smasher, down quilts, pricey hiking footwear, private shower, fancy off-road trailer with grill, you name it. But it’s all just fun & games until you stick a wobbling hula girl to your dashboard to let the world know, “Hey, this here is serious.”

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18 thoughts on “Clod on a Hot Tin Roof

  1. Virginia on said:

    Oh, Manos Hands of Fate will hopefully always be the worst movie I’ll ever see. I don’t know if I could wrap my head around anything worse. Ugh. It – it was so bad…

  2. The hula girl is important!

  3. Hey Doug we finally eft for Wickinburg Monday. Nc is hot n humid now. We should meet up at the Horse Shoe Cafe for breakfast one day. Their sausage gravy biscuit I’d incredible, only get a half order, can’t eat a full order! LOL. We will stay at the Effus ranch. My horse is there. The lovely Susan and I are using the travel trailer this year.

    • That’s great, Bill! The timing should work out, and I’ve had the Horse Shoe’s biscuits & gravy – several times – much to my delight. I’ll be staying within biking distance of town, so I’ll be doubly looking forward to a meet-up!

  4. I hear you on the heat down here in Ehrenberg… Mid 90s for so long! I think it’s breaking now though. By happy accident, I’m finding that dry heat isn’t as bad as I’d feared, as long as there’s a spritz bottle and a decent fan handy.
    I think it’s great news the mst3k is on Netflix! Can’t watch more than one or two at a time, but they are usually good for laughs (especially the episodes with Joel).
    Stay cool 🌞

    • Yep, my Verizon account won’t allow me to watch much streaming stuff on the road, so I’m getting my fill now while I’m still on DSL modem at the park. I don’t care for excessive heat here, but it’s a durn sight better than that muggy Midwestern heat!

  5. Yes, dry heat is more tolerable than the mid-west mugggggggy heat. Here in FL we’re headed into the two driest months of the year – April & May – and it is really dry too. Rain is rare and air is dry too. Won’t last all summer, but is a nice reprieve for now.

    Looking forward to hearing about your wandering summer.

    • Thanks, Pam. I’ve felt that the “comfort index” of dry heat raises my temperature survival somewhere between 5-10 degrees, so a Florida summer would likely be a challenging affair. It sure is nice when it’s nice, though!

  6. jr cline on said:

    I actually watched Mystery Science Theater 3000 last night. Keeping it strange! lol
    Same here on the things seem to be coming together front. I’m moving a short distance tomorrow. Call it a test adventure. It’s been a journey trying to get out of Alabama: Inverter, batteries, pacemaker, a grandson was born, slide topper replacement…. Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe I should take that hula girl out of her package and put her on the dash for luck.

    • My condolences on watching the MST3K lampoons. I’ve been watching several over the last few days, and I think I’ve damaged myself. I noticed that during one, even gumball machine-based Tom Servo passed out while watching – twice.

      So other than the bad movies, not much has been going on, eh? 🙂 If you do in fact have a hula doll, it’s time to break it out, JR. Potential bonus: Enclose it under a hollow crystal pyramid, and you can confuse a lot of people. A great conversation starter.

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