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Defiant Exposed!

New reader Greg just sent me a Google Maps link which shows that the invincible Defiant has been captured in its native habitat in Tusayan, Arizona during a satellite photo session this past Spring. I at first thought it wasn’t, because of too many panels being displayed, but the “extras” are merely shadows of the real ones. But no, it’s my rig, complete with the correct reversed orientation, wrinkled roof, and the Mighty Red Furd with its tonneau bed cover in place. Amazing, huh? I should have been outside nude sunbathing and waving, but too many people driving past would be veering off into the ditch to vomit.,-112.11822&num=1&t=h&z=20

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13 thoughts on “Defiant Exposed!

  1. Oh my! I am definitely going to have to reconsider the notion of a roof for my little showering area!

    This kind of picture taking could be very embaraskin!

    The Defiant is looking good though. So, how long do you think it’ll be before they ever come back over that area and take pictures again?

    • I wasn’t aware that they updated at all, so I don’t know, Rachel. But it should be a long while (years). I also wouldn’t fret the shower thing: as you can see, my shot is as close as you can get, and pretty fuzzy. Even you wouldn’t know you, or what you were wearing. That issue is what Google is geared to avoid.

  2. Greg on said:

    Amazing how Google manages to capture things you never thought possible. My brother and some friends have a tradition I thought I would share. Without going into all the history, they have a orange traffic cone that has become an object of immense importance. It is gifted to each other in various creative ways – set on a doorstep dressed like a child, made up like a christmas tree, hidden inside layers of packaging as a birthday gift, etc. My brother and wife decided to get it on top of his friend Jeff’s house. It sat there a few days as Jeff was out of town, but sure enough the google car that does street view drove by and captured the cone in place on the roof!

  3. I see it! I see it! What a fun map. I swung down to look at the Slabs and Quartzsite after admiring the Defiant.

  4. Linda Sand on said:

    In all my travels I’ve only seen a Google car doing street level shots once so what are the odds one of their camera’s would find you? What fun.

  5. Linda Barton on said:

    very very cool

  6. Hey Doug, if you return to that spot in the Spring of 2015, I can stop for a visit as I hike the AZ Trail. I see it is just north of where you are parked. Arizona National Scenic Trail.

    • I’m even less sure of those plans than I am of this Fall’s but that would be neat! I could douse you with a bucket of water (to cool you off, of course). I have no doubt you could locate my rig. Again.

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