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Day One, Navajo AZ


After stowing the solar panels and arranging the trailer interior for minimal scrambling of contents, I headed south from Tusayan in order to hit I-40 and pass through Flagstaff on my way east. The two memorable things I encountered were snow capped mountains in the distance and smoke in the air from the nearby forest fire. Predictably, it smelled like a campfire.


This Tractor Supply store reveals the main interests in the area: big water tanks and what looks like portable fencing for livestock.

Once you get east of Flagstaff, the earth is a distinctive red. Further east than that, the terrain is a mix of mesas and featureless expanses that look too dry to do much of anything with. Naturally, there are Hopi and Navajo reservations there.


Except for a lot of time wasted at a T/A Petro truck stop, the day was thankfully uneventful. I must look like either a pro or a nutcase as I get out and methodically feel all eight tires and wheel hubs at every stop. I’m not fondling them – I’m checking temperatures. No need to relive the adventures I had last year.


I arrived safe and sound at the Navajo Travel Center, which is just short of the New Mexico border. Tomorrow’s stop will be at a rest area near Santa Fe.


I’m not even sure what kind of critter this used to be. I’m reminded of the old Jonathan Winters routine called “sailcat”, but I suspect this is/was a former rabbit. Let’s just use it as a reminder of the temporary nature of life. Enjoy it while you’ve got it.

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8 thoughts on “Day One, Navajo AZ

  1. I truly appreciate that last line, today especially. 🙂

  2. You could get one of those little digital handheld infrared temp readers and then log exact temps at each stop if you’d like to be particularly pedantic about it. LOL!

    • I love those things. I actually gave that some thought last year Bob, but as time went on I figured my hand would never need batteries, and I didn’t know what exact tire or hub temps would signal distress. But my hand is calibrated for amazingly cool, nicely warm, hotter than I’d like but okay, something might be wrong here, and look up a repair facility while it cools down.

  3. Dennis on said:

    Hey Douglas……….Throw out a wave to my sister…..her and her husband live in Rio Rancho………….just off of I-25 on 550.

    • Oh Dude, just passed ’em today! Hope they can see me wave from Santa Fe right now…in the dark. I’ll try again tomorrow morning before I head even farther north. 🙂

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