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One Tough Job

Oh, so you think you have it tough, huh? Really? While researching Summer volunteer opportunities in the Great Southwest (which I won’t be doing this year), I came across the “Lake Host” position described below. I have bolded certain sentences in the Description just so you’ll be sure to notice them.

The website lists many opportunities for volunteers, mainly for the National Park Service and US Forest Service. Many of the volunteer positions provide RV pads with electricity, water, sewage, and sometimes propane. Among RVers, it’s considered a great way to stay somewhat busy and also camp for free.

I think you’ll agree, the position below is brutal. Just brutal. I am prepared for such a difficult situation though, just in case. Of all the stuff I was forced to to leave in my storage unit back in Illinois because of trailer space limitations, my fishing gear wasn’t among it. It’s here with me. I’m packin’. Bring it on.

Lake Host

Becker Lake

Oh, the humanity!

Oh, the humanity!

Address:  Eastern Arizona Springerville, AZ 85935
Contact:  Kelly Meyer xxx-xxx-xxxx
Availability:  5/1/2013–9/10/2013
Created:  4/16/2013

Suitability:  Adults, Seniors, Family

Difficulty:  Not Difficult

Volunteer Activities
• Visitor Information
• Fish/Wildlife

Photo Courtesy of AZGFD

Lake Host: Need two hosts to live at a trophy rainbow trout water. Becker Lake is an 100 acre lake that has 22″ and growing trout. Lake is at 6500 feet elevation within the city limits of Springerville. Lake is in a grassland so there is little shade but it is very productive and grows large trout. Host would be the only ones living next to the lake.
Duties: Hosts will be expected to inform people on catch and release fishing, act as a witness for any violations, and call the hotline when violations occur. Hosts are encouraged to fish during duty. They will also conduct creel surveys to assess the success of the fishery.

Hours. Host are expected to be at the lake at night when on duty. We are expecting a one week on and one week off duty cycle. Or alternating 4 days off and 3 days on then 4 days on and 3 daysoff . Hosts are welcome to stay at the campsite when not on duty.

Housing AvailabilityHOUSING & AMENITIES
Type: Trailer/RV Pads
Description: free electricity and sewage dump. Can provide 800 gallon tank with water line at site for the two RV sites

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