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The Last One! No, Really!

Originally posted 3/31/2013

Well okay, since closing down the office isn’t on today’s agenda, here I am again. And, here’s a conundrum for ya. I decided to check tire pressures a day early. So I was looking at the rear trailer tire on the driver’s side, which has had tarp over it to block the sun’s rays from causing cracking. Apparently, I was too late. Here’s what I saw:

This makes tire dealers get all excited.

This makes tire dealers get all excited.

The rubber is splitting pretty good, and the cracks are deep – well into the “we recommend immediate replacement” territory. I’m sure some are down to the cords. A toothpick drops in deep. It kinda looks like it might be bulging a tad, too. Non-optimal condition. Naturally, I got out the cheapo scissors jack, battled it mightily to get the axle up, and removed the wheel. Took off the bike rack and dismounted the spare, which was about halfway worn but in fine shape. Easy-peazy! I’ll swap now, locate a Goodyear dealer or otherwise find a trailer tire the same 205/74R15 size, and swap again to put the new one into service!

Hold on a sec. The spare is 225/75R15. Taller and wider. The wider isn’t a problem, but the taller is. Even though there’s an equalizer bar as part of the suspension, what if this taller tire affects how the load is carried by the suspension, and so ruins the validity of my Smartweigh test? Considering the difficulty of using the scissors jack, a swap back at the weigh site and then back again afterward does not appeal.

I’m not thrilled about going another 100 miles on this thing doing sixty MPH, but if I’m going to follow the Lazy Way, tomorrow I’ll ask if the RV dealer handles such tires. If not, I’ll call some tire dealers in Blythe CA, some 23 miles away. If one of them has my size in stock, I’ll put on my big boy britches, tear the offending wheel off again, and add a trip to Blythe to my busy social schedule. If I hit a dead end, I’ll be going to the Smartweigh stupidly, on that cracked tire. Adventure! Then I can change it out with the wonky spare after the weigh, and hunt for a replacement in Wickenburg or Prescott later.

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