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It’s the Institution, Man!

Originally posted 11/11/2012

In the continuing saga of the local post office’s staunch determination to slow one man’s progress in these difficult times, I received an e-mail from UPS notifying me that my shipment of additional controllers was presented to the Quartzsite Post Office on Friday, shortly before 5PM local time.


Their notification included some critical info: “Receiver stated that they did not order and refused delivery. Returned to shipper.” Arrrgh! The package was to be addressed identically to the one that got through a week ago, so I’m stumped. I’ll have to visit the post office on Monday and ask in a calm, civil manner what the problem might be. If it remains problematic, I’ll either have to talk a local brick-and-mortar business into receiving it for me, or have it sent to my residence address in Illinois and have it repackaged and sent as Priority Mail. Then I’ll have to contact the vendor, confirm/alter the shipping label wording, arrange for reshipment to somewhere, and pay for it. Again.

The only positive point is that neither controller is critically needed. The working house battery system is nicely handling all the essentials. When needed, I can recharge the CPAP’s battery by plugging my 120V charger into the same inverter that runs the DVD player, but that CPAP battery is lasting a lot longer than I expected. To say that I’m looking forward to getting the office system up and running is an understatement, though. This is apparently one of those situations where blind stubbornness may prove a virtue.

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