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Thunder Basket Mod

And the tag is still on it!

And the tag is still on it!

There’s a thick steel bracket attached to the lower edge of the Ford’s tailgate opening. It’s just a flat plate maybe 3″ wide. It sticks out about 5″ and has a slot cut in it that goes from the end almost all the way to its mount. I think it served to make sure that the tailgate didn’t work itself toward one side or other. Now that the tailgate’s gone, I’ve been wondering if there was some way to put that bracket to another use.

That use surfaced on the first trip into Wickenburg AZ some time back. When going in for supplies and to drop off waste bags, it’s best to have the small trash bags and the solid waste bag from the C-Head toilet sealed and conveniently placed for disposal. Just for the trip in, the latter was placed in the Read more…

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