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What a Waste!

Amid the mess is a Tankmin 360 water tank system.

Amid the mess is a Tankmin 360 water tank system.

Originally posted 9/29/2012

Much has been going on with the Enterprise, and I’ll write about each area in separate articles. Step one of major items to be installed was this Tankmin water tank system, consisting of a 70-gallon fresh water tank above a 67-gallon waste water tank. I found a boat cover shop in McHenry, IL with experience in custom automotive work to shorten my existing Truxedo bed cover, and that will happen in a few days.

The Tankmin requires a waste macerater (poo grinder) at the camper tank to pump waste into the lower tank via a special 1″ tube I rigged up, thanks to and a local Ace Hardware. The freshwater tank is filled by faucet and hose (or gravity fill at the top vent) and drains via hose to gravity fill the camper’s fresh water tank. Thus my total fresh water capacity jumps from Read more…

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