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South Dakota Air & Space Museum

This is what greets you at the museum’s entrance. Imposing.

Rapid City, SD is about a thousand feet higher than Wall and the Badlands. That means the upcoming temperatures would be 3 degrees lower there. The Black Hills National Forest is reputed to range from 5,000-7,000 feet, meaning that I could look forward to a 6-9 degree reduction. That can turn game-ending heat into mere mild discomfort, so off I went.

Before reaching Rapid City however, there was the siren call of the South Dakota Air & Space Museum, which is next to the Ellsworth Air Force Base in Box Elder. Yep, another aircraft museum. Can’t help myself, apparently. This one has its aircraft displayed outside, and you can be the judge as to what’s displayed. The inside is modest, relating mostly to uniforms, insignia, equipment, scale models, and a few specialties as shown in the photos below. The museum is free, though they do Read more…

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