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The Ruger Mark II 22/45

A Ruger Mark II 22/45.

A Ruger Mark II 22/45.

An area at the Silver Island Mountains near Wendover, Utah is a place where local hunters occasionally do their thing. They are mainly after pronghorn antelope, and I’m told the odd mountain lion can be found on Pilot Peak. Naturally, fees must be paid and hunting tags have limited availability. Personally, I’ve never really related to hunting as a sport, but have admired the hardware since it’s precision-made, makes a loud bang, and launches a small pellet out its barrel at high speeds. (I’m currently near Columbus, Ohio but I’m writing about this spot about Utah. And lest you assume that this post is entirely for guys only, I suggest you go past the second photo.)

This desolate area also makes a safe spot for target practice, and I’ve had the opportunity to fire three different pistols, the first of which was a Ruger Mark II 22/45 semi-automatic from about 1992. There were several Mark II variants back then, most of which looked vaguely like a WWII Luger. The 22/45 more resembles their current Target model, with a thick and heavy barrel to limit recoil. For the uninitiated, recoil is Read more…

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