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Parker to Quartzsite

A rest stop on 95, alongside the Pahranagat National Wildlife Reserve.

A rest stop on 95, alongside the Pahranagat National Wildlife Reserve.

I made it to Quartzsite, Arizona from Wendover, Utah. The photo above is what was missing from an earlier post about Pahranagat, but I figured it was worth posting now since most roadside rest stops are flat, denuded affairs that have no charm. This one has very usable picnic tables, shade trees, decent views, and a break from winds.

Wendover to Parker was originally scheduled to be four short days of driving, but the first day had to be doubled because of the combination of high altitude and a cold front about to move into it. It was a good thing that the Pahranagat rest stop was available then, because sunset was approaching and Pahranagat’s Upper Lake camping area was chock full. This compound is very nice, but its designated sites are very limited in number with specific vehicle types in mind, and the now-55′ Defiant could wedge into only one or possibly two of the choices anyway. Those with much less majestic rigs will fair better but, given Pahranagat’s popularity, I’m told it’s best to arrive before 4 PM to avoid disappointment. I suggest 3 PM if staying there is important to you. A 14-day facility, I would imagine that Read more…

Solitude? I Got it!

No photos today, folks. I could just barely post this text. The trip down to Parker, AZ from Wendover, UT took just two days of driving and three days for the trip itself, due to a high wind advisory on the way down. Hauling the Defiant isn’t that much fun in high winds, and I managed to skate past Nevada’s 18-hour limit in their roadside rest stops by staying in the relatively delightful Pahranagat Lake Rest Stop (GPS:37.232690, -115.090228), which is situated with the raised roadway on one side and tall hills on the other, so the threatened 45 MPH gusts literally went overhead. So I stayed there with one other camper for two nights instead of one. Such a rebel!

The Parker, Arizona campsite in the boonies about 8 miles NE of town is fab in many respects. It’s pretty, and some of the low mountains on the Shea Road access are beauties. With plenty of wide-open area at points, you just drive in and plant your rig. It seems to be near some off-road trails used by ATVs and some pretty stout-sounding Baja-style off-road pickups. Every now and them, I can hear the faint musical call of a highly modified V8 under stress, so I’ll have to check that out. But overall it’s quite quiet, and the only sound to be heard is the generator of some campers a quarter of a mile away.

At the location I picked, a mountain seems to make for an early sunset, shading my solar panels, but that’s of little concern since I cranked the trailer to catch more of the morning sun earlier. The cool weather front predicted never really materialized, so it will be toasty here for another business week while the pickup is being worked on in town.

The only bad news is the miserable cellular signal. This is great for folks who feel the effects of radio towers and such, and who need a relatively “clean” area to camp in. But for me, it means that, even with an amplified antenna, getting a cellular data connection here ranges by the moment between nonexistent and half the speed of a laundromat’s free WiFi. Without the amplifier, my phone’s reading is a flat No Signal. I’m not into biking miles into town just to hunt up free Wifi and post, so brilliantly fascinating reading with fabulously glorious and illustrative pictures will have to wait until the Mighty Furd is back on its feet and I’ve relocated to Quartzsite. Actually, that kind of writing might take awhile longer than that, so don’t get your hopes up. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get some work done!

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