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That Weather Thing

Well, I got up today and checked the weather. Surprise! There is an advisory out that a cold front will be moving in tomorrow. No rain, just wind. Predicted gusts of up to 50MPH “in the windier locations”. That’s here on top of this bluff, for sure. I hate to think what the true windspeed will be up here. Time to bail. Remember my post saying that having the weather forcibly mess with my camping was a nuisance? Here ya go.

This will not be at all easy, since the Defiant’s various supplies are low and must be replenished, the waste tanks need to travel empty, and the decamping procedure is lengthy, which will badly eat into the 5-6 hour drive to Wendover, Utah. Resupplying in Wendover is possible, but more limited and problematic. I was going to take a different route south on this trip, but delaying here in Green River, Wyoming has made my original route non-optimal.

In short, I’ll be offline until all things can be made happy-happy again!

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7 thoughts on “That Weather Thing

  1. jr cline on said:

    Safe travels.

  2. Linda Sand on said:

    Please, get off the road before the winds get bad. Hope you can find shelter from the storm.

    • I should probably get off the road based on my driving style rather than the weather, Linda! A weather check for my destination showed no issues, so by leaving the day before the nasties, I avoided even most of the initial headwind slowly building up around Green River. It was a remarkably clean getaway. I’m writing this from a rest area about 8 miles short of my next site near the Bonneville Salt Flats, which rest area was a blessing to find, since trying to wander off-trail in the dark with such a rig is non-optimal. Arrived well after sunset. (I’m typing this on my iPad, which is always available and needs no unpacking.) Today, I can drive the short stint there and locate a suitable spot in broad daylight, per usual. BTW, this area can get blustery too, but but not quite like Green River. The main sweat here at this time of year is a cold snap, but I’m not seeing anything in the immediate future. So far, warmer than last year.

  3. Doug….your welcome to drop by here in Ogden… wind here

    • Thanks, Papa! I thought of you when I went past the turnoff for Ogden, but wanted to get well past Salt Lake before stopping for the day. The Defiant is a bit of a sweat to maneuver in heavy metro surface traffic, and judging by the rush hour traffic volume on I-80 itself, the thought was too intimidating. Previous experience inside Denver and Columbus, Ohio with this tub was an insurance claim waiting to happen. Much appreciated. It didn’t help that I had to do a sports car-style lane jump about a half-hour before, when a semi I was passing uphill decided to pull out and pass the slower semi in front of him, and apparently didn’t see that I was already there, booking past on the turbo. A moment to remember – whether you want to or not! 😉

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