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On the Road Again! Kinda…


Originally posted 4/17/2013

I pulled out of the BLM area in Wickenburg, Arizona today, heading just 15 miles up the road to the Escapees North Ranch to boondock one night again. Why bother, when my next stop in Prescott National Forest is just a couple-three hours away? Dump is the word, my friend. Pay five bucks to boondock, and the dump station and fresh water are free. That’s half of what many commercial dump stations charge.

The above picture shows the trailer in the prescribed boondocking lane, headed north. Actually, it’s now turned around and headed south. A volunteer just now asked that I spin it in the other direction. I asked why, of course. Liability. There’s a shallow ditch on the far side for water runoff, and some yokel once gallumphed out of his/her trailer and stumbled into the ditch. Hell, I can do that without the help of a ditch, since my entry stairs are sagging and want to pitch you into a gallup when you exit the trailer door. Now the setting sun will require me to close the door when I move to the couch, like last time when I parked this way.

While I was working with the hoses, I was slightly disappointed to see that one of the older hub dust covers had baled out, probably on the washboard dirt of Rincon Road. I thought one seemed looser than I expected, and now I just learned another little lesson! I’ll be stopping by an RV place tomorrow on my way through Prescott to see if they have another that fits. For the time being, I’ve implemented the Universal Repair, and one which will certainly be a hit with my daughter. See the photo below. Can you tell what the temporary hub cover is that will hopefully keep out dust?


That’s right! Duct tape!

There’s been a pretty blustery wind from the northwest yesterday and today, and with fuel economy in mind, I’m hoping it dies down tomorrow. Time to look up the Weather Guesstimate on the Internet!

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