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Look! Clouds! Real Clouds!

Look! Clouds! Real Clouds!

Originally posted 12/13/2012

Well, not really, but it will become real weather. It’s supposed to rain around 4PM today, but the main interest for me is the wind. It’s listed as 15MPH now, with 25MPH around 3PM. That’s notable only because the weather sites consistently underrate wind speed here by 10-15MPH. It’s a pretty stout South wind now, which is a direct blow onto the driver’s side of the camper where the solar panels are mounted (at about a 30-degree angle downward), so I’ll be observing their behavior as the day progresses. At least it prompts me to adjust project priorities and come up with a decent strap-down system in a timely way – not so much for here, but for the real winds that come up during Midwest storms.

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