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The Fear Factor

Prepping the ill-fated solar system for the Glorious Adventure.

Prepping the ill-fated solar system for the Glorious Adventure.

Actually, I should have posted this a month ago, but August 28 marked the anniversary of my moving into The Enterprise as a full-time home, and October 9th will commemorate when I first hit the pavement. Venturing rapidly into a completely unfamiliar lifestyle always has its pitfalls and concerns, but I believe that when you’re handed a one-way ticket to Elsewhere, it’s time to look at what hasn’t worked, and consider something different. Kind of a start-over. What would you do differently, considering the here and now? Make lemonade out of lemons, if you can. The march of time prevents a do-over, but if you’re still breathing, there’s always at least a little time left for a new start. Action movies contain precious little philosophy, but one brief interlude in the film Bullitt has the disillusioned female lead ask her boyfriend, “What will happen to us, in time?” He answers sagely, “Time starts now.” My takeaway is to live deliberately. The future may not be entirely in your hands, but the course you decide to set is.

Many of you live vicariously through this and other similar blogs and websites, enjoying the “adventurous” mobile lifestyle and wishing – slightly – that you could one day do the same. Sure, it’s cool in a way, but you know deep down that you’ve got a lot of other things going on that are much more vital to you, so it will probably never actually happen. Doesn’t hurt to daydream about the possibilities open to you though, regardless of what similar or very different form they may take. Living mobile is just one tiny little niche. Living deliberately is a wide, wide span. Dream that.

Getting shoved into a dream

I’ve found that the waterfall effects of the Read more…

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