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Pops goes on tour.

Pentwater, Michigan

One of the nicest tourist traps in Michigan, Pentwater offers much to amuse.

Even though I’m now in Columbus, Ohio visiting yet another relative and mooching all I can, I thought it appropriate to look back at the little burg of Pentwater, which has a nice, protected harbor on the shores of mighty Lake Michigan. This post is mainly just a photo essay, so let’s get at it.

Someone has a sense of humor. This is the first shop I saw, and I would have liked to go in because I like “real cookware” in spite of the fact that I have no clue as to how to use any of it. Enjoy the two following photos, since the shop had a realty sign in the window and the shop’s website is dead and gone.

Hopefully, you are able to read the printing on these towels.

…And on these.

In a candy shop was this working duplicate of a prop used in the movie “Big”.

Jawbreakers. The ones that my walking stick is pointing to are the size of a baseball.

Just a street view. Several shops had merchandise out on the sidewalk.

A view of the inlet to the harbor.

More than a few charter boats were moored up. The true tourist season is considered to begin July 4th.

A modern glamour boat waiting to hit the water.

A houseboat and a vintage glamour yacht on stands, waiting for maintenance.

An aside: one of those Gigantor yachts pulled into harbor while I was there, and it quickly headed for the refueling dock. The gasoline price was $3.599 a gallon, which is a typical marine ripoff markup. Thing is, a young guy on the boat, be he the owner or a hireling, told us that the boat’s fuel tank holds 1,400 gallons when filled to the brim, which he was not bothering to do. Do the math on how much a full tank would cost. Yaaagh!

Plenty of BBQ grills, benches and tables. Dock renters can place a storage box on site.

Another aside: the modestly-sized police boat here carries twin 240 HP outboards, which ought to produce some stout if not hair-raising performance, you betcha.

This is a single, cast steel or cast iron propeller blade. Looks like steel to me. Notice the chunks missing along the tip. Looks heavy, doesn’t it?

Not Pentwater. This was where I overnighted after leaving Pentwater. It’s a retail store sporting a broad running creek and a mountain bristling with more stuffed game animals than you can shake a stick at. Seriously. Can you guess what store name this is? Hint: it’s not Discount Shoe Warehouse.

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9 thoughts on “Pentwater, Michigan

  1. Linda Sand on said:

    Cabela’s. If it was REI it might have a mountain but no goats.

  2. I was out behind that store myself just the other day!

  3. Barbara on said:


  4. That’s clearly Burlington Coat Factory. I wasn’t aware they allowed overnight parking.

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