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What Do You Dream?

The above video was made for the Overland Expo 2014, and nicely offers its alternate perception of what camping is to some people. Just for fun and because it’s well done, enjoy three minutes of sizzle.

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13 thoughts on “What Do You Dream?

  1. Nice!!!!

    Hope you are well Sandy and I are in the bigQ.

  2. Linda Sand on said:

    My dream does not include getting that far off road but I enjoyed the video. Good thing we are allowed to have different dreams, isn’t it?

    • Yep, Linda. I see it as an inspirational thing of what can be done if you camp a certain way and throw enough money at it. Running solo in an unmodified 4-1/2 ton vehicle instead of exploring in a group for a short time with specially-modified 2-3 ton vehicles carrying all manner of extrication equipment, replacement parts and repair tools cuts me out of most of what is presented. Yet it also serves as an encouragement to explore what can be done with what I do have, and not settle for what is most convenient and feels safest. As with many things, I suppose that it’s finding the line between the exhilaration of personal growth, and foolishness. I have little interest in blazing new trails, but merely in seeing some of what I have not seen.

  3. jr cline on said:


    • I do find it a pleasure to watch. The “social camping” at the start is particularly amusing for me, since it captures the essence of how little suburbia changes when all you do is put it on wheels. There’s nothing quite like being “out there”. The people here in the RV park I’m at feel that this is the greatest thing since pre-sliced bread. It’s a great facility, as such things go, and they get to pursue their hobbies and interests with others, and renew the relationships with all the other people who return year after year. But for me, there’s no inspiration in it, no stretching or discovery. I’m taking advantage of this place’s relative luxury and convenience, but come Spring, I’ll be antsy to move on to the main event.

      • jr cline on said:

        I’m sure you’ve noticed I stay in RV parks. I’m still learning. I’m branching out to COE and state parks more and more.
        Of course I’m into street photography and that requires access to cities.
        I’m still exploring this life.

        • JR, you probably figured out by now that this learning process is unlikely to ever settle down unless you stick with exactly what you’re doing for a very long time. Even then, it’s a big country. I do hope you picked up in my last comment that I do not condemn RV park aficionados – they are doing precisely what they want, and feel rewarded – but I can’t live that way 24/365, at least until my body caves. The fact that I can’t abide the noise and sardine can layout when solitude awaits is my issue, an ill fit.

          The Defiant taught me that I need a lot more vehicular flexibility and adaptability part of the year. I wanna be a tourist and quasi-explorer, seeing what I didn’t know existed, and then enjoy all the comforts of “home” for awhile before setting out again. The way for me to do that is to take advantage of both realms, since being full-time in either won’t do it for me.

          That’s handy, since I can’t possibly afford the costs of RV parks as a way to tour, and the Defiant is most definitely not urban-friendly. I’m very glad that you are doing as you like and are getting a kick out of it! You are not supposed to “progress” into what someone else is doing. After all, there’s the right way, and the Strolling Amok way. Ask anyone.

          • jr cline on said:

            I’m happy with what I’m doing. I stay as inexpensively as I can in parks. I like the COE parks. They don’t cost much, they are more spacious, and usually they are rural. My next stop is one. Of course, I like city parks because street photography is a passion of mine.
            I use my jeep to explore far afield once I am parked. I quickly find the local dirt roads if there are any.
            I know we are all one the right path There is one for each of us.

            • JR, what’s COE stand for? I often find street photography fascinating, but could never attempt it myself, especially not with a DSLR. A Jeep seems to me to be the perfect blend between practical transportation and a riot on trails.

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