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Problems Solved!

Problem Solved

My good bud Matt sent me this photo as a tongue-in-cheek solution to the Defiant’s issues with getting into the rough stuff. After all, who needs a cramped truck camper when a truck and luxo-camper fix is so easily available? I’m Googling for tires, wheels and lift kits right now…

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6 thoughts on “Problems Solved!

  1. Virginia on said:

    If that thing can’t handle the rough stuff, I think your only possible alternative would be a military tank.

    It looks like one of those tires would cost more than my house is worth to replace should it go flat. Perhaps this would be one of those things that would make that Discount Tire optional warranty worth it.

    • I’ve checked that tank thing, but there’s no place for a fridge, and the gas mileage is pretty bad. I thought about that tire issue too, and the first thing that came to mind was stowing away three or four cases of Fix-A-Flat. You’d really need some kind of medical or health insurance before trying to put on a spare. 😉

  2. Looks like they might need to carry a second set of tires for highway use–there goes the storage space. But really, I get the impression this was done more as a joke, or maybe a show entry…?

    • Your impression is correct – it’s merely a showpiece, same as the monster truck pulling it. Once the exhibition is over, it probably goes back onto its flatbed trailer and is hauled home. No suspension, no nothing – and I’m still wondering if they even bother trying to get in the door for some purpose I can’t imagine.

  3. Have you considered the possibility of removing the passenger seat from the Furd and replacing it with the storage unit of your dreams?

    • Yes, I have, Dawn. Thanks. Unlike the soon-to-be-missing tailgate, the rear seat going rogue would be a problem. Renting a storage unit for it at today’s prices is not workable, long-term. The rear seat bottom pivots up to expose the floor, and the space robbed by the cushions is not too bad.

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