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2014 in Review

It was great.

Wall decor in the I-70 Cafe.

Wall decor in the I-70 Cafe.

I was going through photos that nicely depict interesting points about each of the places I’ve been in last year, spent half a day gathering 30, and figured out I still had a long way to go. Too many photos already. So, I’m taking the lazy way out so I can make a bare start at rebuilding the campsites/facilities database I lost to New Google Maps. If you want to see interesting stuff here and there and haven’t been reading the blog for long, simply go into the archives. This isn’t Facebook, where everything that wasn’t posted today is assumed to be stale and irrelevant. My insights and accounts are stale and irrelevant before they were even published, and I’m proud of that.

2015 may not be as interesting for roadie topics, simply because of that database loss and the likelihood of staying in pretty much the same places, when I had originally planned to start doing the backroads routing thing. We’ll see what we see!

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3 thoughts on “2014 in Review

  1. jr cline on said:

    I think im going to start pulling a picture or two that is representivebof each month as i go in 2015. Doing it in retrospect has never worked for me.

    • Me neither, I guess, JR. Since my world keeps changing in a rather lumpy, uneven fashion, I’m looking at varied groups of photos that can reflect different aspects of each place. Too many of those aspects were neat, cool, or fun, and I found myself reluctant to ignore them and cull them out for a summary. One has to be decisive and brutal about it, and I decided that the original posts over the last year are the best commemoration for any place I went. It’s officially labeled as being indecisive, but to me it feels like tearing pages out of a personal scrapbook in order to create an E-Z-2-Read brief that leaves out too much richness. Since no one with a whip and a threat is standing behind me these days, I stopped doing what felt wrong for me. The best way to perceive my 2014 is to hit the “older posts” link, calendar archives, categories, or search window. In this type of thing, summaries are simply lost context.

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