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Adventures in RVing!

The mighty Defiant in Marengo, Illinois last summer.

The mighty Defiant in Marengo, Illinois last summer.

This isn’t about my adventure. It’s about Dave’s Adventure. See, Dave is this guy in a mid-sized older motorhome, a real nice guy just out to see what RVing is all about, same as me. He was parked directly in back of my TT, and the photo above doesn’t show that because it was taken just before he arrived. Otherwise, it’d be in the photo because it was no more than ten feet away. There were a few trees and a powerline close by, too. I left Sept 3rd to head for the Bonneville Salt Flats, and he stayed behind for awhile.

Before you ask “so what”, I’ll tell you. Sometimes, what doesn’t happen to you is as important as what does happen. I got the “doesn’t”, he got the “does”. I’ll let Dave tell you:

“…Looks like you have had your trials and tribulations but have succeeded in your quest so far.  As for me, since you left I have had my own trials and tribulations.
First off, shortly after you left I took a direct lightning strike on my camper.  I heard the boom at the same time as I saw the flash.  It was around 6:30am and I had just gone back to bed after using the bathroom.  I actually saw a plasma ball the size of a manhole cover form in the living room area.  It was a light orange color and was undulating. It only lasted a few seconds and once it disappeared I went back to sleep.  When I awoke I found I had no DC power but I had AC power.  I switched a few lights on and off and the power came back on.
Later I found my TV and DVD player were toast.  Also my converter was fried and my central heat no longer worked.  I found the rear camper blinker lights would not work and the AC switch for the generator to shore power was fried.  I also found out the [campsite] office lost a computer and also the gate access keypad to the lake area had also been fried.  I think other folks in the campground also had issues.  I can’t imagine what might have happened to your set up if you would have still been there.”

I can imagine, and I’m glad I missed that particular storm! It would certainly have messed up my world. But how did it affect Dave?

“After an arduous trip lasting almost 2 weeks to get back to Florida I landed in a large old house around the end of October. I am just about finished getting everything back up to snuff.  I have been considering selling the RV and getting out of the RV lifestyle but I just can’t seem to do it.  So instead I may start the process of planning my next adventure which should take me to Colorado and upper Washington state next summer.  I am considering getting a solar setup and spending next winter in the LTVA areas. Maybe I will catch up with you next year out that way.”

Months later, he was still finding troubled equipment, like the automatic levelers not working. His thought was not to give up after all, but to trade in his rig for another. See? Once you start this kind of thing, it’s hard to consider giving it up. Still, I prefer my style of adventure, like going to unfamiliar areas, than Dave’s, which is apparently to draw lightning strikes. Thus, I will look forward to seeing him again one day…but I’ll probably ask him to set up his camp “over there” outside a safe perimeter!

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15 thoughts on “Adventures in RVing!

  1. I hope Dave is able to pursue the RV dream Doug. Please keeps us updated.

  2. jr cline on said:

    Life is a trip. Buddha had it right when he started his teachings off with suffering. hahaha.
    I hope things work out for Dave. I hope karma smiles on you both.

  3. Doug, did I tell you that you are a funny funny man???

  4. I’d hate to think of fixing all the electronic stuff on my rv. The expense would be pretty high I’m guessing.


  5. I talked to a guy who was in a Coast Guard C-130 that took a lighting strike on the nose, he said a ball of lightning came out of the wall in front of him, zipped up the middle of the airplane and out the back.
    There was a hole in the ray dome (front) and that’s all the damage we could find.

    There was a couple at Adventureland last summer who had a lighting strike, their insurance covered it.

  6. Linda Sand on said:

    We had a strike in a house once that fried our computer’s motherboard. Sure don’t ever want to have one in my RV. Glad Dave himself is OK, though.

  7. Interesting to stumble across this post because I had been wondering just last week about how people protect their TTs from lightning. (A real concern for me as I have been struck by lightning once before — not my vehicle; me!)

    Is there such a thing as a lightning rod for a TT? If not, it doesn’t seem it would be too hard to rig one up — though it would likely be one of those things you set up and dismantle with every camp.

    • Glad you’re still around to talk about it! I’m not aware of a rod setup for an RV, and I’m sure the industry would be hesitant to offer one as it would be a reminder of risk while RVing – a no-no. I suspect the only complicator to a very quick deployment and takedown would be making provision for high winds. I’d also assume (ignorance can be a wonderful thing) that it would be best to deploy it separately and away from the RV and tow vehicle, as a kind of lure.

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